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I offer a range of different portrait options so that you can decide which is best for you based on your preference and your budget.

Your portrait can be completed in either coloured or graphite pencil, at either A5, A4 or 12x16". If you would like a different size feel free to contact me and we can discuss this. 

I have examples of both graphite and coloured portraits in my gallery that may help you decide, although if you're still unsure please contact me and I can help you decide what I think would be the best option for you and your pet.

All prices can be found here.


In order to complete an accurate portrait of your pet I will need at least one high quality photograph to work from - see the photo guide at the bottom of this page for photo advice.

The more photos of your pet, the better! Having multiple photographs to work from means that I can draw your pet more accurately as sometimes different lighting and angles mean that some details are hidden.

If you would like more than one subject, I can combine multiple suitable photos to make one portrait.

If you are unsure if your photographs are suitable please feel free to send them to me so that I can help. Also if you aren't sure which photo you prefer, send me a few and I can advise on what I think would be best for a portrait.

I understand that if your pet has sadly passed away you will be unable to take any more photos that you think would be perfect for a portrait - please be assured that I will always do my best in helping to choose photos and working with you to complete the best portrait of your loved one.


Once you have decided what you would like to order, please get in touch either via the contact form or via email 

When ordering I will give you an approximate date for when I aim to complete your portrait. I will then get in touch with you closer to the time (usually around 1/2 weeks before I plan to start it) to let you know that I will be starting it soon, at this point we can further discuss choice of reference photo and any changes (if any) you'd like to make to the photograph, for example adding a name to your dog's collar tag.

If you would like the portrait by a certain date e.g. for a birthday present, please let me know as I can confirm whether or not I have availability. If I am fully booked, gift vouchers are available.


To secure your booking I ask for a £25 deposit

This deposit becomes non-refundable once your portrait has been started.

I can accept payment through either PayPal or bank transfer.


I will send you photographs as I am completing the drawing in order to keep you updated and ensure you are happy with how it is looking.

This gives you the opportunity to notify me of any small changes you would like me to make if necessary - after all, no one knows your pet better than you do!


I will send you photographs of the completed portrait and make sure you are happy with the final result - the final payment is required before the portrait is sent.


The remaining balance is to be paid within 14 days of completion.

Once complete, if you are unhappy with the final portrait and it cannot be changed with minor alterations, you will be asked to pay for half of the total balance and will not receive the artwork. 

*I will ask for your delivery address for shipping purposes only, your

address will not be stored anywhere once your portrait is received


If you are local to Bridgend, South Wales UK I will offer to hand deliver your portrait or you are welcome to collect.

If I am unable to deliver to you myself, your portrait will be posted via Royal Mail Tracked service.*

Your portrait will be gift wrapped and packaged securely to ensure safe delivery. 

UK postage is free.


It is important that you are able to provide a clear photo of your pet in order for me to complete an accurate portrait for you. 

Here are a few examples of suitable vs non suitable reference photos to help you.



- Aim for photos taken at your pet's eye level

- Photograph should be clear and not blurry

- The eyes should be clear to see in your photos

- I should be able to see the direction of your pet's fur/hair and be able to see the finer details when zoomed in

- Photos taken in natural light are often the best quality




- Photos taken with flash as it alters true fur colour and causes unwanted eye reflections

- Photos taken from a distance where it is difficult to see the pet's details when zoomed in

- Photos taken from an unflattering angle

- Photos taken in bad lighting with shadows on the face for example.

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